• [Wine glass red]

    • Rare Vineyard Carignan Vieille Vigne (France)

      580 yen

      Carignan is a relatively strong acid-rich variety that can sense the ripe fruit that is being produced in the southern French region.

    • Solteotopreit (Spain)

      580 yen

      It is in the meat!

    • Roto Wild Dornfelder (Sweet German)

      680 yen

      For sweet finish, it has become a friendly taste.

    • Steller Organics Moonlight Shiraz (South Africa)

      630 yen

      It is a spicy and dense South African Shiraz.

    • Piedmont Barbera (Italy)

      630 yen

      Italian Piedmont Province has few roots tannins, feeling acid, it is easy to drink red wine.

    • Handcraft Pinot Noir (USA)

      680 yen

      Unlike French Pinot Noir, I feel sweetness and richness.

  • [Wine glass white]

    • Leap Frau Milhi (Germany)

      580 yen

      It is called "Milk of Our Lady", it is a famous mid-sweet white wine in Germany.

    • Altavin Victical Tall Almodi Boutit White (Spain)

      580 yen

      Not only fruit but also mineral, it is Spanish white with outstanding compatibility with such seafood.

    • Alta Chardonnay Trones

      630 yen

      Chardonnay's aroma reminiscent of tropical fruit and tight acid are felt comfortably.

    • Donna Marzia Chardonnay Oak barrel aging (Italy)

      630 yen

      Both fragrance and taste are gorgeous and fruity! Honoka feels turquoise!

    • Steller Organics Moonlight Chunambran Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa)

      630 yen

      Lime and grapefruit, refreshing citrus sourness and fruity taste.

  • [Glass Sparkling]

    • Veuve Noir Brut (France.)

      650 yen

      Fresh, delicate, elegant taste with excellent balance.

    • Kabi Chiiori Ramblasko Rosso Ambarile

      650 yen

      Because it is a wine from the gastronomic city [Emilia · Romagna], it goes well with the same ham prostitution "Parma Proshoot"!

    • Valdi Viezo Brut

      650 yen

      Ripe sparkling wine ripe

    • Espace of Limari Sparkling Rose

      750 yen

      Fresh and mineralized! Strawberries scent

    • Angel 's Asti (Italy)

      750 yen

      A sweet sparkling wine made from Moscato Bianco! It is the best selling in Japan!

  • [Other alcohol]

    • Fragrant ale

      480 yen
    • The corner highball

      450 yen
    • All free

      380 yen
    • Sangria punch (red and white)

      Each 500 yen
    • Bellini

      500 yen
    • Mimosa

      500 yen
    • [Premium] Silver high ball

      500 yen

      【Use Old Par Silver】 Delicate citrus scent and smooth exhilaration! Faintly smoky.

    • 【Premium】 French Highball

      500 yen

      【Use Hennessy VS】 It is emphasized by delicate vanilla nuances with fragrant spice and fruity aroma.

    • [Premium] Orange Highball

      600 yen

      【Grain Moraine Original Use】 Citrus scent is refreshing! Delicate and complicated.

    • [Premium] Spicy High Ball

      600 yen

      【Talisker 10 years use】 Featuring sea-like tide flavor and spicy feeling reminiscent of black pepper! It is also best as a sake during a meal!

    • [Premium] Smokey Highball

      690 yen

      【Using Ardbeck for 10 years】 Ardbeck with intense smoky quality.In terms of soda she will draw out the lemon aroma and delicate sweetness of Ardbeck, as it is smoky!

    • Festival sparkling

      1280 yen
  • 【Soft drink】

    • Red grapes · white grape juice

      380 yen
    • Freshly orange juice

      380 yen
    • Freshly grapefruit juice

      380 yen
    • Pine

      300 yen
    • Cola

      300 yen
    • Ginger ale

      300 yen
    • Lemon squash

      300 yen
    • Ume squash

      300 yen
  • [Bottle of wine red]

    • Close · Hermitage Rouge Les Mézonie

      4799 yen

      Spready taste, mellow taste.

    • Burgundy Rouge

      4999 yen

      Balanced sweetness is exquisite.The spread of after-flavor is also wonderful!

    • Chateauneuf du Pape Clau du Mon mon Olive

      6999 yen

      Wine that you can drink deliciously even if aged

    • Chianti Classico Riserva

      4299 yen

      The taste is powerful and elegant.

    • Amarone Delavapolicella Cappitel de Roiali

      5199 yen

      The throat is surprisingly smooth, and the reverberation is also wonderful.

    • GAJA Barolo Dagromise

      10999 yen

      A masterpiece with fruit condensation and superb elegance.

    • Les Jamel Cabernet Sauvignon

      2599 yen

      Rich and tannin are powerful, there is also a condensation feeling Spasy!

    • Chateau Bernadotto 2007

      3899 yen

      Elegant fruit taste and smooth tannins are comfortable

    • Chateau Soissand Male

      7499 yen

      A wonderful wine with a rich flavor with a lot of tannins.

    • Chambord musicale '15

      ¥ 8099

      Delicate and elegant! Very deep wine.

    • Arianico del Vortule diomede

      2499 yen

      Tannins melt into the fruit flavor and are very easy to drink.

    • Lange Neboliro Nicoleleto

      2899 yen

      Fruity taste with a smooth texture and cohesion.

    • Bodegas · Carcero

      3199 yen

      Silky and smooth tannins.

    • Contades de Asa Clearza

      3999 yen

      Black fruits and mellow tannins.

    • Petit enola

      ¥ 3039

      Fresh taste of Merlot.

  • [Bottle of wine white]

    • Gascone Blanc

      2399 yen

      Sauvignon Blanc's refreshing acidity, citrus flavor and tropical fruit complex taste are balanced

    • Leisuremer Essential Chardonnay

      2599 yen

      Volume feeling like ripe yellow fruit.

    • Chateau Lowrey

      2849 yen

      Along with the scent of hazel and white peach of Akashiya, I feel the fragrance reminiscent of transparent candy candy.

    • Chablis la Pierre

      3799 yen

      Wine that you can feel stunning texture in your mouth.

    • SUNNSER BRAN Domaine du Nosé

      3898 yen

      Including in the mouth adds fresh fruit flavor to scent, plus a high quality acidity.

    • Pui Fuisse Oshiiyu

      4399 yen

      Chardonnay in the world.

    • Bouzolon Aligote

      4749 yen

      Good compatibility with seafood and cheese.

    • Purigny Montrachet Domaine Patrick Myolène

      6799 yen

      Wine that you can feel delicious with a rich flavor with roundness.

    • Voga Italian Pinogridjo

      3099 yen

      Italian stylish wine.

    • Grüner Feltreiner Classic

      ¥ 2669

      Floral fragrance reminiscent of white flowers.

    • Peace Porter Michelsberg Riesling Auslese

      2799 yen

      Sweet and sweet full of freshness.

    • Tokai Solomodoni Sweet

      2599 yen

      White wine with a soft mouthfeel that shines transparent golden color.

  • [Bottle of wine sparkling]

    • Riesling Sparkling Extra Dry

      2199 yen

      Delicate fragrance such as apricot and citrus fruits.

    • Sireni · Seller Selection Sparkling Sauvignon Blanc

      2849 yen

      Foam is very elegant and gentle, fluffy mouth.

    • Freycinet Ice Cube Especial

      ¥ 3229

      Refreshing taste reminiscent of fruit scent like pear and tropical fruit.

    • Gians Clérett di Tradition Biot

      3499 yen

      Faint sweet sparkling with Muscat

    • Angel of Asti

      3480 yen

      Sweet sparkling wine which is sold most in Japan!